Why Buy NZ Made?

Congratulations! This is a 100% NZ Made product.

Thinking “whoop-de-doo, what should I care about NZ Made???” well, here’s where we tell you
j u s t t h a t…..

There are loads and LOADS of reasons why you should definitely consider buying Kiwi and we won’t bore you with all the details, but there are two major factors that you should be aware of:

  • HONEST KIWI RELIABILITY: Everyone knows that us Kiwis are honest, reliable and uncomplicated souls. And that is so totally reflected in our products. Our stuff has strength and durability WAY above anything mass-produced in China. In fact, we wouldn’t mind betting that you won’t find anything that even comes close. NZ Quality you can totally count on. You have a problem with our products (or with us), just let us know. Give us a call on our Freephone number (0800 100858) or email us at sales@compacfurniture.co.nz and we’ll sort it out for you right away AND all in plain and simple English – beat that with an import! Not that you’re likely to have any problems of course, we like to take care of all of those l o n g before they find their weary way to you.
  • SUPPORT NZ: It’s your country; come on, support it! NZ needs its manufacturers, and they need you. It's more likely that profit made by companies with foreign ownership or interests will end up overseas. On a nationwide scale it could add up to billions of dollars every year being removed from the New Zealand economy. A 100% New Zealand owned and operated business is far more likely to keep and spend their profits right here in New Zealand - and we think that's worth supporting. Every dollar kept in New Zealand helps our economy by improving our health system, building roads, infrastructure and schools etc. PLUS, NZ cares; our workers are well paid, they get 6 weeks of paid holidays every year (just like you), NOT SO the unfortunate people who produce that imported stuff. No-one comfortably living in NZ would like to be in their poor shoes (if they have any)! Do your bit; buy NZ Made!

To get even more inspired about New Zealand, watch our video HERE

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